Project Management

Project Management

Project Management and Co-ordination is vital and key to the success of all projects. David Russell Associates work with their clients to ensure that this is effectively undertaken at all stages.  


We confidently undertake Project Management throughout a contract up to completion, or during a set period of the development, such as the Feasibility and Appraisal Stage.

Manage The Team

In many cases we assist in the development of a Management Committee / Team enabling the client to develop its own Project Management Capacity. 

Case Study

Monyhull Church, Monyhull Grange, Birmingham, B30 3PS

Demonstrating the role of the project co-ordinator and development work for church based community facilities.

The need

  • Monyhull Church is the former Victorian chapel on a hospital site sold for housing development.
  • The chapel was to be retained for community use and was already being used by South Birmingham Evangelical Church (now Monyhull Church)

What David Russell Associates provided:

  • Project Co-ordinator - a single point of contact for the professional team, planners, developers, NHS and others.
  • Advice and assistance with negotiation of lease & legal agreements with the developer and Birmingham City Council.
  • Assistance with development options studies and working up plans for extension of the building.
  • Helping to design the facilities for church and community use.
  • Preparing a fundraising plan and implementing the capital funding campaign.

"You have really helped us with what does a church in the community look like, how does it operate, what kind of ministries might we want to develop, how might we make the building more open to the local community."

Gareth Iley, Building Project Manager, Monyhull Church, Birmingham.



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