Feasibility Studies

A Feasibility Study will investigate whether your ideas for a project are possible and how much they will cost.

This will be presented in a professional report and will usually contain a project history, details of funding sources, legal and planning implications, together with costings and drawings where buildings are involved. The feasibility study is aimed to help secure capital and revenue funding for the project.

A feasibility study is normally carried out both by a project committee representing  the organisation and the consultant who will liaise with other suitably qualified persons e.g. an architect, other professionals and the local authority.

Where the project contains proposals for a building the study will normally examine the technical side and help you draw up a design brief, test out suitable building designs and estimate the likely cost of the project. It is a good idea to decide at the very start what will be included in the final document and to draw up a brief for the study.

Each Feasibility Study will be different because it will need to reflect the exact needs of the group for whom it is prepared. The more developed your ideas are, the more detailed your study will be.

Where necessary David Russell Associates can work with you to develop a suitable brief for the Feasibility Study.  This can be based on their extensive experience of a wide range of Church, Community and Building related projects.

Case Study

St Richard's, Kitts Green, Birmingham, B33 9QY  

A Feasibility Study demonstrating Project Development and Assessment of Community Needs leading to a successful funding plan.

The need

â—¦ A 1950's Church Centre was severely damaged by an arson attack. Half of the Church building area needs to be brought back into use.

What David Russell Associates provided

â—¦ A detailed Assessment of Community Needs & Community Profile to support Development and Funding Proposals

â—¦ Substantial Consultation with Users, Stakeholders and Concerned Professionals

â—¦ Concept Drawings and Options for the building

â—¦ A detailed report on the Community Needs Assessment, Property Effectiveness / Options Study and Funding Feasibility and Strategy

â—¦ Assessment of Potential Partnership use by an Award winning Social Enterprise "Linkline" contact and visiting service for the elderly

â—¦ Implementation of Funding Strategy including a successful application to an environmental Trust and other Grant Making Trusts

â—¦ Preparation of a Business Plan in Support of the Funding Applications

â—¦ Assistance with a successful development funding application to cover the cost of the Feasibility / Consultancy work

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